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Ideas on Practicing Care Plans

I'm halfway through my ADN nursing program, and though I receive high grades, I feel as if I should be 'further along' -- I'm assuming this is normal. Anyway, I was talking with an ICU nurse the other day and he was telling me that going in great depth with his nursing care plans was how he felt he was able to excel and feel comfortable once graduation day came (so comfortable that he was applied and was accepted onto a ICU training program).

So my question is, what is a good way to practice nursing care plans without having a real patient like in clinical. I ask because I have only 1 semester of adult care left, and (unfortunately) a long summer break before that.

I'm not use to posting on message boards so I hope my question/explanation of concern and such has been clear and I'm appreciative of any ideas. Thanks,


Don't any of your textbooks give patient scenarios? You could make copies of your careplans and use the scenarios in the books. Or, you could ask one of your instructors or another classmate to come up with a patient scenario - or even someone on here.

I agree that going in depth with careplans helps. I'm only in the LPN part of the program (start the RN part this summer) but I make sure to go above and beyond the requirements on the careplans. Some students only write up a few sentences on pathyphys, I completely fill the entire page. It has helped me on tests as well because I end up knowing the disease process so well.

I hope this answered your question and helps you out!


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