Where are the best nursing schools in Idaho?

  1. I'm on the search for nursing school to start looking at, and I'm think I might like to attend one in Idaho. Can anyone give me a name of one you'd recommend?
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  3. by   NicoleLynch
    I've heard really great things about Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. I'm thinking of transferring there for an RN to BSN later on. Lewis-Clark State College - Lewiston, Idaho
  4. by   freddi
    LCSC is still trying to fix their program. And most of what you are probably hearing is from their glory days past. You would be better off at Walla Walla Community College across the river. LC has some fantastic people and some of the worst. There are two instructors there that are academically clueless. One instructor has had a lot of complaints yet they won't get rid of her. The new instructors they hire from their own pool of graduates with is an academic no no. If you apply there, I wish you luck.
  5. by   NicoleLynch
    Is that right? I guess it's a good thing I decided to do the bridge program elsewhere then. I am going to WWCC right now actually and will be applying to the nursing program in January. Thanks for the input!
  6. by   alicia_busby
    Hey guys! So I'm interested in attending Lewis and Clark State College next fall, does anyone have any new information about their reputation and quality of nursing program?? Any information given, especially from someone who's enrolled now or recently graduated, would be awesome!