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  1. Hello,
    My husband and I are contemplating moving to Boise area to be close to family. I am an RN with 3 years of experience (all in pediatrics) I work in an Pediatric ICU for over a year and then moved to a pediatric PACU in the same hospital, and I have been in this position for 1 1/2 years. Does anyone knows what the pay is like for an experience pediatric RN? Is there only one children's hospital in the area? Any information will be appreciated.
    Thank you
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  3. by   floydian1977
    While there is only one "Children's Hospital," at St. Luke's, there are pediatric units at both major local hospitals, St. Luke's and St. Alphonsus. I can't tell you how the pay is, but I'm sure HR can give you the pay range for a specific job opening.

    St. Luke's has a current opening in PICU (job #23305), Pediatrics (job #23304), and PACU (job #24414, not sure if it is PEDS or general PACU). Their HR phone number is 208-381-2470.
  4. by   Race Mom
    When I moved here, 2 days after graduation, I started at St. Lukes in the NICU. My pay was pathetically just under $20/hr plus differential. I know it is a little higher now. I wouldn't expect more than $25/hr to start, but I haven't worked for them for 3 years now, so maybe it is better. I do know that they do not hire ADN's anymore.
    St. Luke's is a great hospital to work for. Evidence based practice! I now work hospice and my pay is MUCH better!!

    We have never, ever, regretted moving to Boise! Still feels like we just move here, even though it has been 8 years. The community is fantastic, clean, safe, and beautiful. So much to do here and in the surrounding area. Good luck with your move!!
  5. by   hopeful003
    Hi Race Mom, I came across this discussion in our plan to relocate as well. I'm currently working as NICU nurse. I have ADN so I'm a bit worried in landing a job in a hospital setting. Do you know if St. Alphonsus will accept ADNs? How was transitioning from NICU to hospice care? And how much of a difference is it in salary?
  6. by   Race Mom
    Hi Hopeful,
    From what I hear, the main hospitals are mainly looking for BSN. I know St. Luke's is Magnet and a few years ago stopped hiring ADNs. I'm not sure about St. Als. I will tell you I had an interview with them about 2 months ago for L&D. They were going to require me to go back for my BSN within one year. I ended up withdrawing my app since I found another position.
    I didn't transition from NICU to hospice. I transitioned from NICU to L&D to Hospice. Every new specialty is going to be tough to transition to, but the nursing foundation is the same. You just have to learn about that specialty and it's related meds and tests. I make $5/hr less in my clinical office setting than hospice. You can expect pay in the low to mid $20's. Hospice is usually mid to upper $20's but you really feel like you are constantly at work, even on the weekends. Plus, you have oncall. Not worth it for me. Put your apps in wherever you can! You never know!!
  7. by   deedee317
    Just curious if you ended up relcoating to Boise, I am thinking of moving there myself!
  8. by   deedee317
    Race Mom---I'm definintely interested in moving to Boise and spoke with a recruiter at St. Al' all sounds good to me. Wondering if you've heard good/bad things. Best hospital to work at? I do adult oncology. far as areas to live bad is the commute? My friend recommended living in Nampa because the houses are so much cheaper than Meridian/Boise?