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  1. Hello to you all,

    I am currently a nurse on an IMC floor in Las Vegas. My husband and I have been trying to relocate to Boise. We postponed for a year because I had a son. Now Nursing jobs seem to be few and far between in Boise. We love the city and want to raise our family there. Does anyone have input on where to apply? I know they don't have IMC units out there. Just hoping to find out what facilities nurses enjoy working at. I am not picky at the moment because right now I will be grateful just to get a job. I am sad to say my husband is a teacher and school counselor and running into the same issues with the school district. Thank you and hope to be a part of your amazing city soon.

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  3. by   Charmander
    Hope you found a job, seems like slim pickings lately, but should turn around soon.

    Local hospitals in Boise are St. Alphonsus - ( St. Luke's (

    Nampa and Caldwell also have hospitals, Mercy and West Valley (I can never remember which is where.... ) about 20 minutes to Nampa and 30 ish to Caldwell. To the East is Elmore Medical Center about 40 minutes from Boise. Farther to the West is Holy Rosary Medical Center in Ontario Oregon about an hour drive down the freeway.

    There's a variety of private clinics in the area as well, search groups like Primary Health.

    There is also a newer private hospital in Boise SWIAC - SouthWest Idaho Advanced Care... I don't know much about them, but it's basically a stand alone "step down" ICU. Vented long term patients...

    If you don't get a job and are still moving to Boise... consider getting your MSN!! ISU in Boise and BSU offer great programs...

    Good luck to you!