moving to Boise

  1. I am going to move to Boise any suggestions on locations to live? school?
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  3. by   cosadorn
    I have lived in the Boise area for 16+ yrs. It's beautiful here and I love it! I read some of your posts just now to try to get an idea of what you might be looking for. Boise has a lot to choose from. The North End is popular if you want to pay a lot for an older, craftsman style home and be within walking distance of all that Downtown has to offer -- nice restaurantes, movies, plays and concerts, shopping. South Boise and West Boise are the areas of new growth, you can find a nice new home there, but you'll have to drive to get to shopping, etc. The foothills offer nice homes, good views and you can choose between an older or newer home, but you'll pay for it!
    You may also look at Meridian or Eagle. They are both nice areas and are growing rapidly. Each is approx. 10-15min from downtown Boise.
    I see that you are a NP. I just registered at BSU to go ADN-to-BSN, then I'll go on for my NP. You mentioned liking the idea of the "minute clinic". There are none around here -- you might consider beginning one, say in conjunction with a local grocery store based pharm. I have worked in the ER of the community hospital in Caldwell for 15 years. They own and operate several rural clinics, so you might check
    for job listings for NP. The NP in the ER there is faculty for Graceland University and facilitates local students -- you mentioned you attended.
    Anyway, good luck with the move!
  4. by   akoster
    Thanks for the advice. Actually I signed a contract to work for St. Als. They are going to start up some express cares in town in a few locations. Also I may be working for Graceland myself. They need some more teachers for online FNP classes.