Lewis and Clark nursing yes or no?

  1. Hey guys! So I'm interested in attending Lewis and Clark State College next fall, does anyone have any new information about their reputation and quality of nursing program?? Any information given, especially from someone who's enrolled now or recently graduated, would be awesome!
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  3. by   Jfout2006
    Alicia...I just graduated from there this last May! I would definitely recommend it. The class sizes are perfect and the teachers are amazing and care about each student. I was a non traditional student with children and I had two kids get super sick while in school. They worked well with me. As far as after graduation, I had 3 really great job offers because of the great reputation. I would recommend it to everyone. You can email me with questions at jfout@lcmail.lcsc.edu
  4. by   alicia_busby
    That sounds great! Thanks so much! I'm glad it has a good reputation because it seems like a great school. I'll be sure to contact you if I have more questions!
  5. by   m0450
    Hey Alicia! Lucky for you ... I'm a pretty recent LCSC BSN grad and I have to say, I can't RAVE about LC's nursing program enough.

    The professors are amazing, friendly, passionate, and from lots of different backgrounds, so I feel like there's a good variety. It's challenging - and overwhelming at times - they definitely push you... but I love that they take this profession so seriously ... Shouldn't they? It makes their students better nurses - and they seriously care about making sure we're as good, and well-rounded as possible.

    The class size is fairly small ... normally around 45-50 students - I've heard other schools in the area can get 80+. Their nursing building is pretty new, with a really cool simulation lab where we can practice everything from delivering a baby to running codes to dealing with unruly family members .. They have a pretty big practice lab, too, with manikins that you can use to practice skills and assessments on, and they're really supportive of students getting in there to practice/study etc as much as possible. INVALUABLE ...and there's always upperclassmen around to ask questions to! I always found that helpful ... bc sometimes it's nice to ask a "peer" for help rather than your professors. It's just more comfortable sometimes. Also, compared to other BSN programs, the cost/value of the program is awesome, as is the cost of living in Lewiston. Pretty low. AND, it barely snows in the winter. BIG pro.

    Every program's going to have it's downfalls, and LC is no exception, but beyond anything else, LC is amazing at preparing you for life after school. They really set you up for success ... Most of my class had jobs before graduation and we all passed our boards on the first try. I'd bet if you asked any new grad, they'd tell you that they don't feel prepared for the real nursing world, and I definitely agree with that feeling ...but my classmates & I heard allllll the time how we seemed MORE prepared than the average new grad bear. And LC even puts their BSN students through classes involving management styles, communication, FINANCES!, job interviews, what type of hospital/job we should ideally look for, etc.... It sounds terrible - especially in the moment haha - but I hate to admit that those classes have helped since graduation. Who would have thought.

    Hope this helps! I'm happy to answer specific questions for you, too - if you'd like. Congrats on an awesome future career!
  6. by   alicia_busby
    Wow! Thank you for all of that very helpful information! I'm so excited to hopefully have this experience is the program hard to get into??
  7. by   m0450
    It's definitely competitive ... they really look at your pre-reqs .. A&P, Stats, Chemistry, Pathophysiology namely (I think ... unless things have changed). But, the beauty of it is, they admit people into the program 2x a year! So, if you don't somehow get into the program for the fall semester, you can reapply for the one that starts in January! So lots of options!