Is CWI going under?

  1. Has anyone else heard about CWI being in financial trouble? A few of my classmates (BSU) have also heard this rumor, but none seem to have a reliable source. Also, someone said they saw a news clip stating that CWI was having money problems, but I haven't found anything online at all. We have so few options here, so I hope its just a rumor!
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  3. by   Jennifer Couch
    CWI is not going under. As with most public colleges and universities, CWI's budgets have been hit with the current economic condition. This shortage of state assistance has presented challenges that all institutions of higher education have had to face, especially in the last year. Steps have been taken and will continue to be evaluated to ensure that a balanced budget is presented and that CWI student's needs are met. As a community college, CWI's mission is to provide affordable, accessible education to everyone that needs help. A number of supporters from local business and industry and grants have come to the aid of many programs. Most recently the school received a grant that will support the purchase of additional medical equipment to enhance the simulation labs. The need for the services of a community college is greater than ever in the Treasure Valley, and CWI will continue to provide resources to the community it serves in western Idaho through continued support from the state and local community in which it serves.
  4. by   Idaho Murse 2B
    Thanks Jennifer, that's good to hear. The demand for a community college in the area is quite apparent, hence my concern. A lot of my classmates at BSU are hoping to be accepted into the CWI program, and this news came as quite a surprise. I appreciate the timely response!!