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    I was just wondering if anyone out there is from the Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell area of Idaho? In about a year I am hopefully relocating to Meridian area with my husband. His sister lives up there and we love it there. We are from SoCal, so it would definitely be something different. Anyways I was wondering about RN positions, pay, and hopsitals around those areas. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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  3. by   AriannaS208
    I wouldn't be able to tell you about pay, as I'm just working on getting into the RN program here, but the two major hospitals are St Luke's and StAlphonsus. St Lukes has campuses in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. St Alphonsus has campuses in Boise and Nampa (there is actually 2 in Nampa now). If you are looking at working in Caldwell though, it would be West Valley Medical Center. I know that isn't much information, but I hope it is a little bit of a start for you.
  4. by   bizyRN
    Thank you Arianna! That helps a lot. I can at least start looking at their websites to see what types of positions are available. All the best in getting into nursing school! It is quite an experience
  5. by   Race Mom
    My family moved here 2 days after I graduated! Couldn't wait!! haha I haven't worked in a bedside position for about 3 years but you can expect pay to be in the low $20 range. Other (non-bedside) fields may pay better. I work hospice and make WAY more than I ever did in the hospitals! I live in Meridian.