How is St. Alphonsus Health System?

  1. Hey fellow colleagues. I got an email from St. Alphonsus Health System three days ago.

    I don't know how this health care system got my contact info.

    However, in the email, it asks me to apply for RN job in their acute care hospital system.

    I would not mind applying to this facility at all. In fact, I currently live in Hawaii where the job market for RN's in acute care is HORRIBLE. I have been working as a hospital acute-care CNA for about 14 months. There is a new graduate RN program at my facility. However, I have had managers in my department move to other departments, which does not help me at all.

    Hence, I am either looking at SNF nursing, Home Health, or moving away to find an acute care RN job to gain some experience.

    Can somebody explain to me their experience working at St. Alphonsus Health System?
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  3. by   saskrn
    I'm familiar with Idaho and many hospitals there. I worked at St Al's years ago, and if I ever move back to Idaho it's the first place I'll apply. They treat their staff well, used to pay fairly and better than other facilities (compared to St Lukes, for example), and St Als is respected throughout the state.
  4. by   saskrn
    Just to clarify my previous comment, I was referring to the Boise location. However, I likely would consider St Al's other facilities, also, unless it's in a bad area, etc.