ICU RN Preceptor Desperately Needed in South Florida

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Hello to my fellow colleagues. I am in desperate need of an icu rn preceptor. I am in my second year of an online dual FNP/AGAC NP prgram and now require an icu rn to meet my acute care experience requirement. I have been a nurse for 5 years, all of which has been in the operating room. As such, I do not have the acute care experience and need additional clinical hours to meet that requirement, I have tried everything to find a preceptor with no avail. I come here in hopes that my story may appeal to someone who is willing to help. Please, if you or anyone you know may be interested in precepting me in the South Florida or Miami area please inbox me. If I cannot find clinical placement, I risk losing out on the money spent for this semester and possibly delaying my degree. Thank you all for reading and/or sharing my story.

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Im confused. You need an RN to precept for a NP student?

I am and will always be against programs who refuse to find preceptors for students. Too many horror stories.

Good luck in your search!

Yes I need an RN for this particular practicum. To augment my lack of critical care experience, my program is requiring me to do extra clinical hours (120) but it has to be with an RN. Your concerns about programs such as mine that do not secure clinical placement for their students are understandable. While I knew what type of program I signed up for, I did not expect it to be this difficult. At the time, I had to choose between a traditional program with much higher tuition rates and my program with lower rates. Thus far with clinical issues aside, I have been content with my decision. Thank you for responding.

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