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ICU nurse with CRNA aspirations

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Hello allnurses,

I come to you guys in need of some much needed advice. Quick back story, (I'll try to keep it short and sweet). I completed my first degree with a 2.78 gpa. Completed 40-50 post bacc credits at a 3.6 gpa. Applied twice to a 12 month absn. Graduated with honors, 3.728 gpa (every point counts in my case). Began working in an ICU at a level II trauma center. Have BLS and ACLS certifications, plan to take CCRN exam when eligible. I have hopes of applying to CRNA in 3-5 years, but I worry about my previous undergraduate gpa. Do you guys have any recommendations or advice to further strengthen my application moving forward? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

It all comes down to what classes you took and what your grades were in those classes.

Did is you take a biology class and get a C? If so, did you retake that class and get an A the next time around?

The overall GPA isn't as important as the science GPA and nursing GPA. If you have a low GPA because you didn't do so well in some required electives (history, religion) I think it can be easily overlooked and explained. Just make sure that any core nursing and science class has a good grade or was repeated for a better grade.


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I had a 1.96 with my previous degree, and strong grades when I went back for my BSN, and was accepted to a CRNA program for Spring of 2016. Just like the above poster mentioned, make sure your science grades are strong. I personally met with my prospective school's director, showed him my transcripts, and asked if there were any classes he suggested I retake. Fortunately the only science class I took with my first degree was chemistry, so they asked that I take an online course at a local college just as a refresher. It seems like you've made all of the right moves so far. Make sure you get PALS, and shoot for a combined 300 on the GRE. Some programs also like it if you are an ACLS instructor. I recommend getting experience at a level 1 trauma center, although this isn't necessary. At the time of application I had 2 years of experience at a level 2, and 2 years at a level 1. If you aren't a strong writer then I highly recommend getting some assistance, because the letter of intent is one of the first opportunities to sell yourself. Most of all, stay positive!

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