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ICK! I destroyed my GPA and can't get in now!!!!!!


Hi All!

Well I'm usually pretty anti-whiney...but I wanted to know if I am the only one out there? I have been working as a CNA off and on for the past 7 years. And over those past three years I have been caring for a Grandmother first with Colon Cancer, a Mother with Colon cancer 1 year later, and this past summer a little brother who had broken neck, back, total collectomy etc because of a trauma accident. My grandmother and mother passed on as expected, but brother is doing magnificently after ileostomy takedown last month.

I have ALWAYS loved taking care of people, and my spare bedroom seems to be more of a hospital room than anything...but during this time of caring for family I have DEYSTROYED my GPA at college. I did have about a 3.0 in Gen Ed classes...and was planning on applying to the LPN program, and because I enrolled in school and had to withdraw 3 times late in the semester to care for dying/critically ill immediate family...I have about 8 withdrawls and 5 F's on my transcript. I just don't know if I can pick myself up from this!!!!! I know I won't get into nursing school right now...but I'm VERY good at what I do...and wanted to know if anyone else out there worked to get their GPA up and was accepted with horrible things on their transcripts? My current GPA is 2.226 and I have 60 credits...I'm a "B" student all the way...so pretty average I suppose...but has anyone out there taken tons of Science, Math, and others just to get the GPA up and gotten into the ADN or LPN program? I'm so sad about this...I HAD to help my family...I'm the only one who could...but now it's time to take care of me and do what I want...I'm 27 and want to get on with things!

I guess I"m looking for a little support....my transcript just doesn't reflect the student I am...and I'm not sure what to do?


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Do you have any schools around you that accept students from a wait list and not by GPA?

If not you may just have to buckle down and retake some courses to get a higher grade. Check with your school first and see exactly what classes you have to have done prior to applying and concentrate only on those.

My school admitted on a point system, you had to take certain classes and the grade you got in those classes received a certain point value. I transferred late and did not have time to complete all the pre-req's prior to the application cut off. Several people told me not to bother applying because there was no way to get in without having all your points. Long story short, I did get in. In fact I was #5 out of 20. It's scary to think, but if I had listened to those people I would be graduating a year from now instead of in 3 weeks!

I guess my advice is don't believe everything other students tell you about points and GPA cutoffs. Go straight to the horses mouth and talk with your programs academic advisor.

Good luck, and I'm glad your finally able to pursue your dream.

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