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How does your facility recertify in IABP? MY facility changed it's method because we have had such a turn-over of staff,50% of the IABP certified nurses are new. We went to a all day refresher course instead of a 2-4 hour self-review. we recertify every year. Even with this change some of the new nurses refused to recertify. Do you think they should be able to refuse to recertify?

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Why would anyone want to not recertify? Unless your facility is different than mine, We don't get IABP on a daily basis. And if you don't do something on a daily basis, then you get rusty. It doesnt really matter how good you are, adjusting timing is critical and you need as much experience or education as possible. It sounds like to me that the new nurses need to realize that nursing is an ongoing education in itself and the more we as nurses know then the safer and better off our patients will be.


We recertify on a yearly basis.We use a

written test and performance checklist and have short review before the written test.

The educational support prior to the recert helps alot.The question one needs to ask is if you would want to practice something before the most important moment in their life.

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