I want to be a nurse in Ontario!! But I have a Business Degree!!! HELP

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My name is Lauren. I am 28 years old and graduated form Brock University in 2013 with an Honours Bachelor of Business Admin (Finance concentration).

I hated working in the finance world and now after caring for my sick father think a career in nursing is for me. :)

Can someone please help me understand the best path to take to receive a degree in nursing? I don't have the prerequisites to apply to the accelerated programs in Ontario as I did not take Science courses in University :( .... I am looking into HUMBER, I am looking into 4 year programs, AND also looking into taking the prerequisites THEN applying to the accelerated programs.

HELP ME PLEASE!! WHAT IS MY BEST OPTION? I don't want to do another 4 years in school!!!

Hello Lauren!

This is a tuff situation, because there really isn't a way to skip steps on becoming a nurse. The first step you have to take would be doing your prerequisites. Since you already have a bachelors I'm guessing you finished most of your general education classes, and all you would be left to do is your science nursing prerequisites. This can be done in 1 year if going full time. After finishing those prerequisites and getting a high GPA (at LEAST a 3.7 or 3.8 for an ABSN), you can then apply.

There is a Youtuber from Canada with a channel about nursing school. Justine G. Feather. Her channel may give you an idea about the Canadian Nursing School process. Good Luck on your journey!!!

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