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I had to quit my CNA job

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Hi all. Here is my story...I have a main job at a call center working 4:30 PM to 1:00 am (I make good money here and generally I like it) I can't afford to quit the call center job...I got my CNA and started working 7AM to 3 at a nursing home(making much less money but still working at call center) .....I loved it! What I didn't love-no sleep and it was causing problems with my significant other, having no time. I did the two jobs for about a month but had to quit the CNA job because I had a death in the family and just couldn't afford to quit the call center. The nursing home said I was welcome back but I just can't go back until I am back on my feet with fiances (which shouldn't be too long) and taken care of everything with my family. I know I can only work one job at a time. I love being a CNA, what should I do in the meantime? Volunteer? I planning to become an RN/LPN but any advice would be helpful!

Which days a week do you work the call center job?

My thought is you could work PRN on some of the days that you have off of your other job.


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Working on call has been one of the best things I did to keep my skills up as a CNA. I had a steady job and then worked on call. I work for what's like a healthcare temp agency, you might look for something like that in your area.


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