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What is the low ropes/ROPES course and what does it consist of? I have never heard this term before and am scheduled to take this course next month. Anyone taken this and can tell me a little about it??


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Is that like an activity course your school offers? Sounds like something we used to do at summer camp when I was younger. :)


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I did that in high school and it was really fun. We used it as an activity to bring our class together. There was a bunch of different activities set up and you have to work with your team to figure out how to conquer them. It was just like it's called, "low ropes", obstacles set up that take a bit of thinking and teamwork to cross. The one I remember the most was the wall, you have nothing to help you get over, someone in your group has to get over the top first (and this thing was straight up and pretty high), and then help everyone else over and to the treehouse type thing at the top. There was also things like walking across a rope while your classmates supported you, swinging on ropes across certain areas, and using ropes to cross from board to board, as the boards got smaller and higher up. My teachers thought it would be a good way to build trust between everyone in our class, and it really did because you have to rely on everyone else not to let you fall. They also had a high ropes course at the place we went, but we didn't do that THANK god... those things were WAY up in the trees! :eek: Can I ask what you're taking this for?

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