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My firend is thinking about going into the healthcare area, She is interested in nursing but really is not sure what area of work she wants to go into... THe thing is, She has her MBA. She got her bachelor degree in engeering and he MBA in something or another Im not sure. She wants to know if she would have to start all over from scratch and take prereqs. What should I tell her? How does she even get started?

she get's started by talking to someone from the college/university she would be attending.


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She could try shadowing a nurse for a few days or even in a few different areas, but you don't have to know what area of nursing you want to go into to start out-lots of people change their mind in nurisng school anyway, and you'll have a wide variety of experiences during it to help you decide...contact a hospital in your area and they should be willing to help you shadow....also, there are programs out there for people with a BSN...its an accelerated program to go from a BSN to a RN in less time...she might check that out...or any other type of accelerated program...you can search the web for colleges in your area that have nursing as a major and then contact the schools about their programs and your options! Good luck!

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