I have a question about CCAC LPN to RN program

by horrorxgirl horrorxgirl Member Nurse

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I have been working on my prereqs for this program for quite some time, but something occurred to me today that I hadn't even thought about before and is now stressing me the hell out.

Going into the program, it's required to have your prereqs finished. Here is the plan I've been following.

Fall Sem1:

Math 90

Bio 110

Eng 1

Psych 1

Spring Sem2:


A&P 1

Eng 2

Psych 2

Fall Sem3: (My current semester)

A&P 2

Soc (because I plan on working towards my BSN afterwards)

Apply for LPN to RN program for the following fall in January

Spring Sem4:


Intro Computers

Art Appreciation

Summer Semester:

LPN to RN Transition course

Fall Sem5 and Spring Sem6 would be straight nursing classes.

Ok, so what I realized is this. If I have to apply for the Fall Nursing program in January, then will I be turned down based on the fact that Microbio and CIT are not done at time of application even though they will be done before the Fall nursing program starts?? Now I'm freaking out thinking I will have to wait even longer to apply for the nursing program and have a bunch of down time in between which is just completely dumb.

Anyone have experience in this? At the time my application will be being considered, I will be currently enrolled in those classes. Will that make any differerence? I'm going to try to meet with an advisor this week, but they are always giving such bad/false information that it makes me nervous.