I PASSED!! Found out Yesterday!!


OMG OMG OMG OMG I jumped up and down and almost cried at work. I recieved a text from a recruiter offering me a job, told him I could not take it because I could not pass the NCLEX!! Took the test 4 TIMES and FAILED EACH TIME!! I took it a month ago and felt like I didnt pass afterwards so I never checked to see if I passed until Yesterday!!!!! I told myself I might as well get it over with... and check my status.... LOW AND BEHOLD my name was on the BOARD WEBSITE!!! im still in shock.

:nurse: And with all that said.... I am now looking into completing my BSN online. What school can you recommend? I want to complete my BSN as soon as possible to appy for OTS (im airforce) and continue on to my MSN.


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