I Passed the ANCC using Venecia Clark NP Review

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I am a Mother of 4, had a baby while in the FNP program, and do not usually post but felt the need to help someone else be BLESSED with Venecia Clark's NP Review. 

I literally studied for 20 days and passed my ANCC on the first try, last week to be exact. Thanks to Venecia Clark DNP I moved my test date up. 

I used Venecia Clark, DNP review and Leik as a supplement for areas I felt weak and practice questions. To be honest Clark is all you need. See her information below. 

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Here's what I did:

Clark review course 

Leik digital (ExamPrep...code comes with the book. I got it from Amazon)

ANA Readiness test less than one week prior to the exam 

Nothing else, no test bank, VENECIA CLARK IS ALL YOU NEED! And she is affordable. 

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