I am so nervous!!!


A little background: I went to college for a year after high school. I took some general classes, but really had no idea what I wanted to do, so I quit school and started working full time. It actually worked to my advantage, because most of the classes I took, I need now for ns.

There are still some pre-nursing classes I need, so I applied to the ns I want to go to, and was accepted to the pre-nursing part for this fall. Acceptance letters to start the nursing program in Jan should be going out in the next couple weeks, and I am SO nervous. I have been at my current job for 7 years, and I have already told them I am quitting in Aug to go back to school full-time. I have this huge fear, that I won't get into the nursing program, and I will end up not in school, and jobless:crying2: I have talked to a few people at the school, and they told me once you are accepted to the pre-nursing part, most likely you will be accepted to the nursing part, since they obviously wouldn't waste their time on you if they didn't think you were goin to make it all the way. This is such a huge step to make, and I just hope I didn't quit my job too soon.


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I'm sure if this school doesn't accept you, there are others you can get into. Don't fret about that.

As for your job, you may have jumped the gun a bit, but you might be able to do damage control. Since you've been with your employer for 7 years, I'm assuming they've been good to you and understanding. try going in and telling them your situation. Tell them you would like to rescind your statement that you are 'definitely quitting', that you would like them to keep in mind that you might have to quit, but there's nothing definite about it yet. Make sure they will be OK with letting you keep your job if things get postponed because you have to apply to more schools.

If you're honest and upfront with them, stressing you love your job and want to stay if you need more time to get into nursing school, they might understand and work with you. The more notice and details employers have to what's going on, the better.


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The only problem with trying to stay at my work is I really need the classes I am taking this fall to get into any n/s. I wouldn't be able to work full time and take the classes because the classes are during the day. Hopefully I will get some answers soon!

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