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About a month ago I posted regarding questions for an interview that I might get asked. I took the interview and it went well I have been asked something further by this employeer in which I'm applying for a Head Nurse on a 32 bed LTC unit with patients ranging from 72 year old A and O x 3 to 91 year old who doesnt know his/her name.

I've been asked to write a one page essay on what my Vision would be if I was the Head Nurse for this unit.

Can someone help me get an idea of what they are after? A Vision is a goal right? or what should be done, right?

Should my vision for the unit be that of the hospital?

Should my vision be the patients get the care they deserve? and the staff have a high moral?


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My vision would be that the patients get the individulaised and dignified care they derserve whilst promptong the environment as a home from home. To me, patients always come first.

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To follow patient life goals as to quality of life. Interview family, patients and friends to establish that life goal. Be a patient advocate. Support your staff in all avenues, communicate with staff after they communicate with you. Uphold facility policies and change those policies that are outdated.


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I want to thank all of you for your feed back and ideas. This is a great site.

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