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I need help for applying CGFNS/CVS for NEW YORK state

by momokoprincess momokoprincess (New) New

Hello Everyone

I did lot of online searching for my question but still can find the answer

I graduated from Taiwan and now I living in Unite State. I recently applying Credential Verification Service for NEW York state (CGFNS CVS), as I know they will ask copy of transcript from my educated school and verification my RN license from Licensing authority.

I already filled all the form and mailed it.

My question is

1. In my country the Licensing authority will charge money to verify RN license(about $15-20 USD), who will pay it, is CGFNS/CVS will pay it ? If CGFNS/CVS do not pay if the Licensing authority will not response and will not do anything.

2. Who will pay the mailing fee(From my school to US)? My school definitely will not pay that

Both the fees may should be paid by you.

In China, the mailing fee from nursing school should be paid by the student, of course school dont pay that.

but in Chinese mainland, the Licensing authority dont charge money to verify RN license, and the applicant only pay the mailing fee. If the Licensing authority of Taiwan charge this money, maybe you should pay for it.