I need advice from those that transferred to GMU program!!!!

U.S.A. Virginia


I am a student at NOVA doing pre-req's for GMU's traditional BSN program.. except it's been really discouraging because counselors everywhere are telling me that it is almost impossible to get in that way now since GMU wants their own students in the program..

but I do have some questions

1) for those that got in, how did you manage to get in when the competition is so fierce and they don't accept community college students that much?

2) do you have to finish everything by the time you apply (jan-feb) ??? meaning I can't finish up the rest of the pre-reqs by the end of spring semester?

Please help me..I feel so discouraged!!


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Hi. I also plan to apply to Mason, but for the accelerated second degree program. I am taking my last pre-reqs at NOVA. I spoke with this girl that had applied to NOVA as a transfer student. She said that she had a near 4.0 gpa from NOVA, but she was not accepted. She said that the traditional program was very competitive, so she is applying as a transfer student into the Biology program and then is trying her luck at applying to the second degree accelerated program. I think you should still apply though because you never know what can happen. Dont give up!:wink2:

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