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I need your advice

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Hello there! As a pharmaceutical rep, new to the Neuro ICU, can you give me some advice on what nurses in the critical care areas need to know about the treatment of seizures and the drugs used to treat them? I would appeciate any help with this matter. Thanks so much.

Phenytoin Conversion (Dilantin -vs - Cereb), The loading dosage of Dilantin, and Cerebryx....the theraputic levels...any new drugs on the market?The benefits of Dilantin post crani. Alot of physicians are now saying that 4 days post op crani ...utilizing Dilantin as preventative for postop seiz activity is a waste of money...bc of the expense. Make your case of the benefits post op for these drugs. Another thing is the emergent favorites...like Valium.....how you can administer it if you are unable to get a line in......like Intraosseous....or even doubling the dose and giving it rectally.

Another huge huge area that NCU nurses need is "What to do if extravastion occurs?"..what drug /tx can be given or ijected to the site to diminish necrosis. Like one thing that comes to mind is Kpad to the affected are....some drugs utilize neostig injections at the extratvasation site.Getting a plastics consult quickly etc etc.

What guage IV does your company suggest utilizing for these IV drug forms??? etc etc.....Another suggestion.....we love pens.....really good writing pens.We like cards...like reference cards that they can slip behind their badges with useful info like loading doses, theraputic levels etc etc.

Hope this helps!!!!

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