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How do I stay motivated in both school and work? I work as a patient care tech in a hospital, and before that I was a CNA in a nursing home. I enjoy my work(except when we are short) but lately I just haven't wanted to come in at all. I'm in my second semester of school and I just can't find the motivation to give it my all. I got two Cs and the rest were Bs last semester, and so far I'm doing the same this semester. I know that if I put more effort in, I could do better. But honestly all I want to do is space out or sleep. I can sleep for ten hours one night and still take a two hour nap the next day, then be ready to go to bed again at seven PM. I'm on lexipro and birth control, I live in a house with my boyfriend, I have two cats, a car payment, and he wants to get two dogs this summer. How can I manage all of this and get my energy and motivation back?

Rod, Male Nurse

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Get him a second job and you just focus on school :)


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Lol if only. He already works full time and he's going to school too