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I need advice

Back in January i received a notice about the DOH wanting to revoke my license because back in 2012 a resident said i didnt provide care and that i was "rough" with him.... then at another facility a co-worker that me and another worker ****** off, said that she saw me and someone else "smuthering a resident with a pillow" then at the other place i worked at, that same lady got a job there and about three months later, said she heard me verbally abuse residents and wrote about a 5 page long paper to the DON. Well, i fought it and ended up signing a reprimand just to get the issue done with. Well, i need advice... should i even continue with nursing? will i ever find another cna job again??? i was supposed to start the nursing program in 2 weeks and idk if theres any point to it now.... what should i do????? will the state (ri) even let me get my RN now...?

classicdame, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Hospital Education Coordinator.

the Board may not be aware of these issues if they occurred before you were licensed. If a criminal background check does not reveal any public offenses then they may not know about it at all. You did not state these accusations were correct or not, but at the least you have given some people negative impressions. Maybe to need to talk to someone about your issues, like a counselor. I wish good luck.


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