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My daughter has a friend who was in a childrens home until last month. Her mother kicked her out when she was sixteen and she landed there.

fast foward

She is living with us. She is nice, polite, and very careful not to be a problem. This child askes for everything. I mean a glass of juice, an apple, or an extra serving at dinner. She has a very low self esteem. She was going to drop out of school and join the army just to have someplace to go.

In the 3 months she has been with us, she has gotten a better at just getting and not asking. My problem is that this kid does not have much of anything. How do we go about buying here clothes, shoes, and other without hurting her feelings or making her feel as if she is not good enough to be in our home. She has been hurt enough and I'll be damned if anyone will do it again if I can prevent it. I don't want her to feel that she is a charity case. My husband, bless his heart, has been trying to help with the army thing. My daughter, obnouxious as she is, is helping her to stand up for herself. And I, I am the money maker. I am 14 hours away and want to help this child so much.

I have honestly looked over my reasons for this and can say that this has nothing to do with me or my family wanting to "look good". This kid just needs some one to give a damn about her.

So can yall give me some advise with helping her. I would really apriciate it.

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