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I need some advice please...pre CRNA

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I graduated from a well known university with a concentration in psychology. Since I have my BA, I am in the process of applying to accelerated BSN programs. My undergrad GPA is a 3.25. I also took prereq classes at the community college level. My science GPA is around 3.1 or 3.2 However, I received a C in CHEM inorganic. The other prereq classes are higher marks.

heres what I am doing to keep the CRNA dream a reality:

*applying for accelerated to get the RN

*plan to work in the ICU, maybe even as a travel nurse if I'm lucky to gain experience and be adventerous

*get the highest grades I possibly can in my BSN program.

*I am studying intensely everyday for the GRE. In my freetime, I also read pharmacology books, and I try to keep my anatomy/physiology strong.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a strong candidate. Do schools mostly look at my nursing BSN GPA? I hope so because I want a fresh start. I feel I did well in school but I wish my overall GPA was higher. I had some C's in some Polish language classes, lol (trying to impress my girlfriend lol), and two C's in psch classes. Those language classes were worth 5 points so this hurt. I graduated with honors, alumni member, honor societies, and I also volunteered as a paraprofessional or counselor at a crisis hotline at my school.

please let me know if I stand a good chance with the path that I am on, and what I can do to reach my ultimate goal.

*I am also applying to anesthesia aide jobs, which are proving difficult to get. I will at least shadow.

thanks so much!

mikie :wink2::redbeathe

Shadowing is a good idea. They will ask you how many hours you have shadowed. Also, it's not required, but get your CCRN as soon as you can.

People get in with 3.25 GPAs, but it won't make you stand out. Since you still have 3-4 semesters left, make sure you aim for all As in NS - I did it, in an accelerated program, and so did a friend of mine. If you can pull that off, your GPA will be well in the competitive range. If you wind up with more than a few Bs, you'll just need to stand out in other areas when you apply to CRNA programs - experience, GRE, etc. 3.25 isn't bad, it's just not going to get you in the door on its own. There are tons of threads in this forum about students with lower GPAs, if you read some of them you'll hear from students who got in with

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