I need advice about mental health facility

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I am a LVN new grad and I just got hired to work at a mental health facility and Im very excited. Im wondering for those who have worked in a mental health facility can you tell me what I should expect on my orientation, what I should do to be better prepared, and how was your experiences there. any information will be greatly appreciated. thank you.

You haven't indicated what specific Mental Health field you will be working in. Is it Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse, Chronically Mentally Ill, Geriatric, Pediatric, a combination of all? Inpatient/Outpatient? I work in an Adult Detox/Crisis Stabilization Unit. The best advice I can give you is to study all the different disorders you may encounter on your unit (very often they will co-exist) and be very familiar with presenting symptoms and therapeutic interventions. Always be on guard and ready for unpredictable behaviors. I like to think that even though I work in a high risk area that we are better trained and prepared for violent and unsafe situations than hospital nurses are. Our patients can literally be laughing one minute and throwing things and cursing the next. Expect the unexpected and never let your guard down. Make it a priority to go to training sessions and learn ways to keep your co-workers and yourself safe. I love my job, though some days I feel like crying all the way home (I think that is a part of all nursing). One thing I can say though is that it is never boring!! Best of luck to you!

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