I need advice on job offer


I am a new grad, and am starting to look for nursing positions. I have had a few interviews, and have been selected for a position in a Perinatal Intensive Care Unit. I am excited about the opportunity, but am timid to sign a two year contract with this unit. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am afraid that I will not like the field I am going into and after the two years decide I want to do something else. Since I am a new grad and would only have training in Labor and Delivery, is it hard to switch to another unit? Will jobs want me on their floor if I haven't had training in anything but Labor and Delivery?

Thanks for anyone that can help me to make a decision!!! I really appreciate any advice given!

Here's the deal---whether MedSurg, Tele, ICU, PICU....it's all specialized training. Neither can really transfer and know everything about the other. Take the offer and learn all you can for two years. Learn how to tailor interview answers from working in one department and how it translates to the other. New grads aren't getting jobs. Take the job.


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I am a Labor & Delivery nurse and have never done anything else but L&D. That is ok for me - because I knew that it was all I ever wanted to do. That being said - if you don't know you love L&D think very carefully about committing yourself to your first two years of nursing experience in L&D. I have been considering other options as an RN because I am tired of working 12 hour nights, every other weekend, holidays and call. From what I have found it will be VERY difficult for me to transition because of my lack of Med-Surg/ICU experience. I am content for now in L&D, so I am ok with things as they are until I either faint from exhaustion or go and get my masters. I swore I would NEVER work med/surg, but in hindsight, I kind of wish I had gotten a year in Med/surg from the start.

The only other thing I would say is (depending on where in the US you are) in TN where I am, many many new grads are having a nearly impossible time finding a job as a new grad - submitting applications to hundreds of facilities in all disciplines and only ending up with a handful of interviews and one or two offers. If jobs are plentiful in your area you may want to consider all of your options as far as if you might get a call from a different specialty all together. Just my opinion though.


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I've done nothing else but L&D for almost 5 years and I love it!! There are so many women's health areas you can learn more about and do many options for movement. This fall I'm helping to teach domestic violence screening to our staff. I have friends who get on well with certain OBs or family mds and have landed office positions through that connection, and others who teach prenatal classes, do childbirth education, lactation consulting etc as well as picking up floor hours. I have transitioned to post partum myself and even some gyne. One girl on my floor does pre and post abortion counseling and works for the sexual assault response team. Another girl works evenings in a women's shelter. Another does post partum home visits for public health.

I'm confused though--your post says your interview was for the NICU? Do they train you in both areas? If so then you'd be even more marketable!!!