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I missed deadline for orange ulster boces (NY), should I move to another state?

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I was a live in PCA for 4.5 years and made good money bc I was 24/7. I can't live on a 40 hr PCA salary. I took the NYS civil service exam for direct support professional and scored 100%. I'm currently on unemployment $430/wk and I'm able to pay my bills and still save a few dollars.

I have about 16 weeks of unemployment left and the DDSO says that the next recruitment event for the DSP is late June/July. I just thought about the LPN option and just my luck, the last information session was yesterday. I guess I'm just getting a little nervous about having all my eggs in the DSP basket even though I'm not seeing any reason I wouldn't get the job.

I was thinking if I should move to another state or county that I can still get in a lpn program or if I should just wait until July and see what happens with the DSP situation?

Cultivate your options, all of them. Call boces and see if you can still apply or make up the info session. Also look into their CNA classes, I'm pretty sure they have them. They are somewhere around $1500 or $2000. However, jobs seem plentiful. Valley view in Goshen hires CNAs at $17-$18.50 an hour last I checked. Being unemployed *may* allow you to get some help from workforce development (that's what they are called in Sullivan county, not sure if it's the same name in orange county), anyways it can't hurt to ask and talk to them. LPN programs can run 10 or 12 thousand dollars. I got my RN from a community college for less than that (but I had a lot of credits transfer). If you have any serious interest in being a RN, you should know that, at least at my school, it only cut out one semester of RN school, so going straight for the RN could save you a lot of money. If you have experience in working with disabilities and can travel, maybe try the center for discovery in Sullivan county (just past Monticello). I can't say what it's like to work for them, but they are huge and seem to recruit continuously.

Wow, I didn't know that cnas can make so much around here. I have a lot of savings so I thought the lpn would be a good bang for the buck since it's only 10 months. I can get a 2k credit through unemployment which would make it 11k which is affordable and I don't have to work during the time. The 2k would pay for the CNA in full but I don't think that wage is normal. The DSP wage is low but the OT makes it ok but the caveat is that it keeps me stuck in NY whereas the lpn lets me go to a cheaper state like Michigan and wages that aren't that much less than NY. I did call BOCES and she said they might have a June info session but there's no make ups. I'll keep checking in with them to see if one is scheduled.

The discovery place seems to only pay $12-13. You can't live on that in NY if you're single. I need 45k minimum.

Thanks for the advice.

You're right. Valley view does offer a very good wage, considerably higher than most other places. However, there seem to be a lot of CNA jobs to choose from. Valley view is a county job and comes with benefits I believe.. however I don't know about their overtime or if you can get mandated, etc. The "problem" with the LPN in my eyes is the cost and job opportunities. LPNs don't have a lot of options compared to RNs or CNAs- hospitals are phasing them out, so that leaves medical offices (middletown medical hires them I believe) and nursing homes. They make more than CNAs but there seem to be a lot more CNA jobs. Like I said before, if there is any interest in getting your RN, look into it. You may save money and time going straight for it (note: If you don't finish, you likely will NOT be able to get your LPN. They did this years ago, don't really do it now) I really don't think this nursing shortage actually is what the media make it out to be, but there certainly are RN jobs out there. I think it's a good idea to keep in touch with BOCES and see about the informational session. Although a CNA certification isn't a license, having that credential may help if you decide to move (not certain on this). Regardless of what you do, even if you get the job you took the test for, I'd encourage you to get some sort of a certification, be it CNA or a nursing license. I'm single and in the area too, I know how difficult it can be. I just interviewed for a job that's going to pay $30-$32 an hr which is way more than I've ever made before and the only reason I can get this is because I now have my RN. I don't know if $45k is reasonable for a LPN in this area (or others to be honest). You might know better than me on this, but I have some friends I could ask that were LPNs if you are curious. Let me know. Good luck, feel free to ask anything else that comes to mind.

My brother is a lpn in Michigan and gets $27/hr plus a overnight differential. I'm not really interested in CNA bc I would probably make the same thing doing PCA/HHA with a lot less stress. I have 85 credit hours from Purdue in the English program. I kind of fell into the PCA job and the client lasted 4.5 years instead of the 6 months predicted. On one hand, it was great money and I liked the job. Otoh, I kind of messed up my trajectory bc I spent 4.5 years in a job that is seen as low on a resume. The plan was to do the PCA job, go back to Indiana and finish school and go work at a publishing house in Chicago. Well, 4.5 years saw the publishing house close, my grandma left me her house but when my mom had POA she sold it so I lost my house and now I'm stuck in NY. I'm just trying to make lemonade.

Hopefully, the DSP will start soon. I wish I could just finish my bachelors just to have it but there's no 4 year schools nearby and it seems stupid to lose credit to get a lass aa from occ. I guess things will fall into place one way or another. Thanks for your help.

Not sure if this is out of your way but Putnam County Boces has a few seats left. Try and contact them.


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