I love studygroup 101!!!

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Thats all I really have to say. Thank you to the people who have posted this site. It is fantastic!! I love that for 10$ a course I can have tons of review questions, outlines, diagrams etc. the organization is fairly comprable to the content guides from Exclesior. this website has really motivated me and has made studying so much more efficient. which i think we all can really appreciate. I am a note taker/outliner so I appreciate the thoroughness/organization w/o having to put the time and effort into doing it myself. If you arent familiar with the website and are doing distance learning, take a peek it may be beneifial. www. studygroup101.com. Thanks again posters. :yeah:


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They certainly helped me out with NC 3. I did not like all that content.

LOL Got an A though. And I have no doubt SG101 was the difference.

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