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I would love some feedback!

Glow78 Glow78 (New) New

Hello all! I am new to all nurses.

I have been an LPN for almost 14 years now. I have only been in one job since graduating nursing school. My background is in gastroenterology. I am in an office where we are rooming patients, doing prior authorizations, doing phone triage, records and chart review, assisting with exams, scheduling patients, vaccinations, and medication infusions - I am IV certified. I have been feeling that it is time for me to move on and do something different for over a year now. I love clinic nursing and want to stay in it, but would love to get into family medicine and I actually have an interview for a family medicine practice that is affiliated with one of the biggest teaching hospitals in our area.

I am hoping to get some feedback from LPNs that have worked, or still work, in family practice. What kinds of skills are you using? I am imagining I would be giving med injections, vaccines, wound dressing, assisting with procedures, blood sugars, collecting specimens, and swabs for cultures. Any other skills I should "brush up" on going into this new job?

I would appreciate any comments!


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