I have a HESI test in UTA! Please help me T_T!



I have a HESI exam thins coming Tuesday in University of Texas at Arlington!

This HESI test is very important for me!

I need to make good grades ! otherwise, I have to wait one semester or whole a year to retake it.

UTA () requires students to do learning style and personality for seeing who I am ( it is not for a grade)

my question is how many questions are on each section? ( learning style and personality)

Are they multiple choices or filled-in-the-blank?

I know these 2 sections are not for grade, but I want to calculate how long I need to spend

to finish these 2 sections, so I won't run out of time

I really appreciate your comments and your time! Thank you!


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Hello Yunikat,

The learning and personality have 25 questions each. Ex do you learn better by yourself or in a group..are you extrovert or introvert....there all multiple choice....its not worth freaking out over...its just a quick tool to see what type of learner and person you are....