I have a grade problem


I took a quiz in a nursing class and got a 80. Many ppl did bad on the quiz like failed so the teacher curved. One person went from a 65 to a 90. Another went from a 71 to an 88. Another went from an 88 to a 92. I went from an 80 to an 82. I compared answers that were wrong and I got the same wrong. It was a 15 question quiz.

I talked to the teacher who was offended by me. I'm sorry if I didn't do it more diplomatically. I told her exactly the curves ppl got and mine. She said we shouldn't have discussed grades and she's surprised I'm not happy I got a curve. I apologized she said ok.

The next day, she curved other people even higher on the same quiz. She curved the person who went from 65 to 90, to now a 96, and the person who went from 88 to 92, to a 100, and so on. Basically it was everyone but me.

I am worried this is a personal attack, although I don't know what I did wrong to make the teacher this mad. I feel bad and I don't know if I should be just grateful I got any curve at all and only blame myself for my grade. But I'm worried she's going to continue to grade me wrong in the future. When I give a paper and presentation will she grade me fairly? Please let me know any suggestions. I'm afraid to speak to her again. TIA.


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I'm sorry. This really does sound like it was personal. Since you already talked to her about it, your next move is to go up the chain of command. So talk to whoever is directly above her and see what they say. I think they'd be interested to know about her grade fixing unless she's holding hands with them and in that case, you would continue up the chain of command. Keep me updated with how it all goes:)