I got an ICU job!!


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I feel so blessed in such a horrible economy to be able to say that I just started my first RN job this week! I got hired into my dream job in a fabulous community hospital's ICU... and two of my close friends from nursing school also got hired in the same new grad program! WAHOOOO! :yeah:

I am sure that I will be asked how I found a job so here's the answer... I used every connection I had and became willing to apply to EVERY RN position out there. I feel fortunate that I had only been job seeking for about 3 months. I graduated in December 2009 and took NCLEX-RN in January 2010, passed and was licensed within a week. Throughout nursing school I worked in a large teaching hospital as a unit secretary and had hoped to have a position there after licensure but unfortunately that hospital has hardly hired anyone at all since November 2009... my nurse manager FINALLY got an open position and called me to schedule an interview and the very next day the community hospital called and offered me the ICU position and I accepted. It was the ONLY interview that I went on. I got the interview because a dear friend of mine happened to be an RN there and hand delivered my resume and cover letter to the manager.

I have only been to 3 classes so far but I am LOVING it!!!! Seriously I cannot imagine this having worked out any better than it did... literally my dream job! :clown:

I would like to encourage everyone who is still job hunting... looking for a job IS a job in itself and it gets old receiving nothing but "no's" for so long but when you find that job... and you WILL... it is SO worth every ounce of energy that went into the hunt!!!!!! Keep trudging ahead!


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Congrats!!! Amid all the stories of new grads not finding jobs, it's still awesome to see people landing jobs! I wish you the best of luck and I'll keep trudging ahead because there is a position waiting out there for me and I'm gonna find it! :)


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Congrats you reall go lucky on all fronts. Its great that love it too!


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Very lucky. I am very happy for you. It took me 3 months to find a job too, but boy was it an affort. I hated looking for a job not knowing when will I get it. I am happy for you. Go for a long fulfilling RN career. One more thing, don't stop here. Go back to school and get more education. I know I will be. Good luck.