I got in! DEMSN here I come!


Wow, I can't believe it. I saw the letter in the mail and figured eh, it's skinny, it's probably a rejection. When the first word was "Congratulations!" I about dropped over!

The program starts in August and runs continuous through May 2010 so about 20 months of full time hell, er, I mean studies.

Now I just gotta figure out how in the heck I'm gonna pay for it.... (private school) I have a bachelor's degree already so no grants. They have some scholarships but still gotta come up with a big chunk 'o money. Somehow I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Happy Dance with me! :whe!:


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way to go!!



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Congrats! I see you're from Ohio, is Sonoma State's DEMSN open to non-California residents?

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