I failed organic chemistry the first time will a program still take me?


We all know how Nursing schools are so competitive now in days. Unfortunately i struggled so hard with organic chemistry I failed with a nasty F. The worst part is that when I re-took it the second time, I passed but passed with a C. However, the lab I only took it once and passed with a B. The rest of my sciences are good with As and Bs. my question is has this happened to anyone? where you accepted into a BSN Program? I know some schools have the no repeated science rules but i know this will put me in the back of the candidate list :( Now that I am ready to transfer and been applying I am nervous no school will take me for failing that one science course. I have been applying to a few schools. got my first rejection waiting on others.

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Yes, you still have a chance to get into nursing school. Your grades are only one factor in admissions. You can also consider taking Chemistry again at a different community college or other school to try and get a better grade, if necessary.

Good luck.