I failed out of Charity Nursing School, Now what?

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So I just failed out of charity nursing school, anyone here fail out of nursing school? what did you do? (go to a pn program? did you like it? did you say Ef. nursing altogether? did you apply to lsu or another nursing program?) also, any nursing students here attend lsu, our lady of the lake, or other nursings schools near nola? what is your experience like there? I'm resilient so I'm not stopping my journey to my career I just want to know if you ladies and guys can give some advice, especially if you can relate. Also if anyone here failed out and went to a pn program and was successful, have you found work relatively easily? and whats the truth about pn pay? Lastly (sorry for so many questions) as a lpn have you found work outside of ltc facilities?

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I'm very sorry you are going through this. Did you talk to your professors and academic advisor at your school to get some advice? If not, please do so. Most schools really do want their students to graduate. So if you ask them for advice, I'm sure they will provide it. I do know BSN students that failed a class or clinical and they were allowed to retake it, but they had to wait one semester or one year to do so.


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I have a few friends that have failed out of charity in spring semester they are starting the PN program. Most schools have rules that you have to wait five years in order to apply to another Rn program.

Thank you both for the feedback. I spoke to my advisor and she reviewed my transcript and suggested i went allied health (specifically said resp. tech and rad therapy). She told me if i was dead set on being a nurse to go pn and then come back to charity. I called and visited most nursing schools in louisiana and found that to be true that if you are dismissed frm a rn program you have to sit out 3-5 years minimum and most schools the sciences expire so i would have to redue my a and p's and biology. (I made a's in those subjects once and it was challenging i dont plan on doing that again). ill try the pn program out and will let you know how things go. at first i felt really stupid and as if all hope was lost but its not. i know everything will work out.

Thanks again


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Are you applying in October? You should if your aps not expired and medical nutrition


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i’m curious as to what ended up happening with your nursing career? i failed out as well and don’t know what to do.

Hi there Britt, all I can say is God is Great! I'm working as an ER nurse and I'm considering NP school. My journey has been tumultuous (I completed lpn school then RN school while working full-time) but the experiences we have in life are what molds us. With God's help nothing is impossible. ❤️❤️❤️

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