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how would I enroll my self in Nurse practitioner program

parthtank parthtank (New) New

Hi There,

This is parth here from India. I did my baccalaureate of Nursing in india. I have my Rn licence. And I want to enroll in Np tract.

I passes my baccalaureate in 2015. Till than I prepared for rn exam. Now I have Rn licence. But I don't have work experience yet. But still I want to enroll in nurse practitioner program. I checked lots of universities but they require minimum one full year of work experience.

If I come on student visa than hospital won't allow me to do job as a Rn. And some of them are not allowing for volunteer also. So what should I do to get experience ? And how would I enroll my self in Nurse practitioner program.?

And without work experience is it worth applying in nurse practitioner program.? Would I find difficulty finding job after nurse practitioner program. ? Nurse practitioner is my dream. And I want to do it no matter what. But how.? Please give me correct suggestions.


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