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I am hoping that someone can help to shed some light on my dilemma. I recently graduated from nursing school with my BSN. I am looking at going on for my PhD. I am also currently an adjunct instructor and love it. I also love research. Here is the problem. I got into trouble some years ago. I was arrested three times for purchasing stolen property. All were Class A misdemeanors and I participated in pre-trial diversion programs for all three arrests. Thus, there isn't a criminal record. However, when it came time to fill out my nursing application, I disclosed the arrests along with the drug use that influenced most of my decision making back then. Then, POW...I received a probationary license for three years with no peds, homehealth or hospice. I was reported to the Abuse registry and the national databases. Long story short, I lost the job I had lined up.

I hired an attorney to appear on my behalf for an administrative law judge hearing scheduled for August 18th to appeal the board's decision. So, here is my question. Are there schools out there that will allow me to teach and conduct research either without a nursing license or a probationary one? I may not have to worry about it, but I would much rather have my ducks in a row in the event it doesn't turn out in my favor.

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful.


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Ahh Man, this is a tough.. First, congratulations on graduating & getting your life turned around.

You can get a job but its going to be really tough. Stipulated licenses allow legal discrimination and the job market is extremely tough right now. Especially for new Grads. What really stinks is getting reported to the abuse registry right off the bat. Its not like you failed a UDS or showed up to work impaired, but you will now be treated as such.

Dont let me get you down, just be prepared to disclose everything to any potential employers. Also, there may not be a "Criminal Record" per say but many employers will ask: Have you ever been cited, arrested, ticketed, taken a plea bargin, diversion, etc.

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Thanks for the response. I thought to post the outcome of my appeal. The board reversed their original decision and granted me a license free and clear. They also are removing my name from the national database. Since I appealed their decision, the original sanctions will not show under my licensure history. I was also given a public apology. When I appeared before the board initially, I did not appear before the full board. There were two members of the board who made the initial decision. Anyway, the board apologized stating the initial decision was not warranted given my case.

So, it all worked out.


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Daaaang, sounds like youve won the lottery! Good for you for sticking to your guns. Your lucky they didnt "err on the side of caution" just for the heck of it...