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I am confused. I was going to St.Francis school of anesthesia. I only took two classes so far. We just found out that UPMC (Pitt) is going to take over that hospital for financial reasons. Pitt has decided that they would take all the students from St.Francis or we can opt to transfer to Westmorland. These are both very good schools, I think? ? I had taken the two classes already with Allegheny and Westmorland students and I have met the Director for Westmorland. He was a great guy. I am torn between the two. Is there anybody out there who has gone to either of these schools or have opinions about them?:imbar


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I am confused are you losing a clinical site (the hospital) or is La Roche going to stop offering the degree and transfer all the students into other programs?

It does not make much sense that a hospital take-over would require you to switch programs.

What happens to the people teaching at La Roche now? How will the other programs deal with an influx of students, without hiring new staff? If the staff are going too, I would ask them which school they are going to, and go there.


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I was accepted into St.Francis program for this fall. St.Francis students go to La Roche college for their core classes with the Westmorland and Allegheny Valley students. All of these are three different schools. UPMC is buying out St.Francis for financial reasons as we were told. This means that the Pitt program is willing to consume all of the students from St.Francis in addition to their students. They have numerous sites and are able to accomadate all of these students. Now, some of us that were accepted into the St.francis for this coming fall chose to take two classes this summer before our program started. Nursing research and med. physics. The ones who took the classes this summer got a chance to meet the director of westmorland. All of the students that were accepted into St.Francis can go to Pitts program since they are buying out St.Francis or we can transfer to Westmorland's program...............????????????????? My question is does anybody have opinions on either school (Pitt or Westmorland)????????????? I have good things about both.

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