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I will be graduating in May from a nursing program and am kind of burnt out on nursing in the educational sense. I am trying to decide between pursuing a degree in Massage Therapy, which is something I have had an interest in for a while and feel compliments nursing to some extent or furthering my nursing education. What will be the best choice in the long run?

Also, I just saw the new Littmann Soft Touch Cardiology stethscope and think it is amazing, but I already own the Master Cardiology and a tycos harvey elite, is it self-indulgent or practical to get another one?


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Hey, well I went the other way I have a degree in massage therapy, and now I am in my 1st year of nursing school. I love massage therapy, but even though I am stressed in nursing school I think I might further my education in Nursing after I get my degree. Well we will see. If you decide to go into massage therapy and need any help just let me know.


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I can understand being burnned out on school. I would suggest leaving school alone for a while. Go out and practice your new profession. There will be pleanty to learn on the job, every day. Give yourself a year then go back to school when you are ready. By this time you will have a better persective and you will know which to persue. A year on the job without school can give you a whole new out look. A year off seems like a long time now but once you have done it you will think differently. And you will be making you decision from a better knowledge base. Been there done that. Good luck and congrats.

Hold off on the new stethascope. I bought every gadget and book and after practicing now for a while I find I need only the basic stuff.

Remember nursing and nursing school are very different from one another.

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agnus......speaks wisdom.......

remember nursing and nursing school are very different from one another..........


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