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:roll Hello friends!

My name is Stephanie, I live in Boston, and I am almost finished with my BA in English. What brings me to this website then, you ask? Well, I want to be a nurse! As happens often in my life, I find many interests that pull at me and won't let go. Nursing is one of 'em. And before you ask, I never wanted to be a teacher (hence the Eng degree), I just love to write and read.

So, I have questions for you wise folks. I've been reading different threads trying to get them answered that way, but I still have some specific ones to ask:

1) I am looking into a CNA training program with the Red Cross. I figure this would allow me to gain experience in the field. Do you reccomend it? Where is the best place to work as a CNA?

2) I would like to get my BSN after I finish the English degree. I have looked at these following schools: New York University, University of Vermont, Columbia University, and the University of Maine in Fort Kent. Has anyone gone to any of these schools? Does anyone have info on their programs?

3) And lastly: What's the word on becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife? How are midwives recieved these days in hospitals, private practices?

Thanks y'all!!!


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