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As a CMA working in an RN dominated clinic, I have my own share of frustrations. THough I have 7 years of clinical exp, and do the same amount of clinical care as the RN's, I am constantly bumped out of the "nursing circle". Though I have proven my abilities in patient care, even teaching a new RN how to cath and draw blood, I am left out and talked down to because I'm not a nurse. Any of you who have been a CMA working towards your RN can probably relate. Now that I am an RN student with only 6 months to go, things are better. I have always wanted to be a nurse, but earned an AAS in Medical Assisting first so I could work my way through the ADN program. I try and support EVERY medical professional who works with me, from the receptioist to the lab people, because we all have to work together to provide excellent care ( I really do believe that). I feel that my title shouldn't inhibit how I care for my patients when my clinical skills are on equal par, if not better, than some of the RN's I work with, especially the new grads. I had an RN student who didn't want to shadow me for a day in the urgent care because she didn't think she would learn anything from a CMA. I am not bashing RN's...I'm trying to become one! I'm just very sad at the lack of professional recognition and hope that you all recognize those who work in your clinics and facilities.

I look forward to writting RN after my name! If any one has suggestions for how to make the nurses understand that CMA's are not bad, stupid, ignorant or unworthy, please let me know. We've lost three highly qualified CMA's because of the treatment. If anyone has been a CMA and gone through this, I would love some input. Thanks and have a great day!


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I personally think it has a lot to do with 'having walked in your shoes' or not. Nurses who haven't been techs or aides or whatever often DO talk down, in my personal experience. I see it in my own co-workers all the time. Drives the techs nuts!!

Let me just add one caveat, however...your skills, good as they may be, are not 'on par' with most RN's, for the sake of argument. I'm SURE that being an RN student yourself, you realize that a lot of RN's are leaps and bounds above techs in critical thinking and skills, for the most part. BUT...this doesn't mean anyone should talk down to anyone. Yes, I'm sure your skills ARE superior to a new grad's, and they of all people should not be condescending or rude to you for teaching them. I'm also sure that your skills are superior to some RN's you work with who are NOT new grads.

I guess the point I'm making is this: no one should look down their nose at anyone, regardless of title or experience. Your frustrations are definitely valid, and you have a right to be upset. You could try talking to them. If they speak to you in a condescending manner, call them on it! Say something like, 'I am an adult, and a professional, and appreciate being spoken to as one. Please do not speak to me like I am an underling or a child.' If that doesn't work, you could always state, 'when you are ready to address me in a respectful and appropriate tone, I will discuss with you any matter you wish to discuss.' DEMAND respect, and you shall receive!! Of course, always GIVE it in return. smile.gif

Good luck, Naduah, and HANG IN THERE!! Believe it or not, all that you're experiencing now will make you a much better nurse in the long run.


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Hi Naduah. Congratulations on becoming a nurse. Now you'll get to experience a whole new set of challenges as a nurse.

As far as your experiences as a CMA, I agree with kday. I think it's human nature to be territorial. If you read the bulk of this bb, you'll find slights and the like between nurses of various backgrounds.

As kday writes, hang in there. Discern these slights, address them where needed, but never let them get you down. Best wishes.


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I have felt this before as a LPN, do not let it bother you. Remember that you are just as good if not better and get that darn title after your name to prove it like you have too! As far as staff retention I would think your human resource person would be interested in what you say in order to retain those CMA's who feel talked down to or to prevent this type of thing from occurring, maybe a sensitivity class and one on "TEAM WORK"!


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