Humboldt State University & College of the Redwoods

U.S.A. California


Hi I live in Humboldt county and I would like to apply to the BSN program at HSU. I have an AA from college of the Redwoods and I was thinking of applying to the ADN program there, but I think i might actually be able to get into the BSN program faster! There is a long waitlist at CR and they only admit once a year in fall. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone here had applied to or been accepted to HSU and could give me an idea of how competitive it is? I still have to take micro, chem, and human development pre-reqs before i apply but right now i have an overall GPA of 3.85

Thank You!

~ Leah

Hi Leah! I just read your post....and now see how old it is. If you read my comment...let me know how things went for you??? I currently live in Virginia, but looking to move to Eureka, ca... and apply to a nursing program somewhere in the area :)

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