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Humber RPN Admission

by dreamjob1991 dreamjob1991 (New) New

Hi Everyone, I took the test to get into the Humber RPN program 2 weeks ago and on my myhumber it is still saying that my secondary requirement is still missing. Is anyone else's like this?

Same here - I took the test at the end of January but their site says I'm still missing my secondary requirements as of February 7th.

Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one .. really want my results.. best of luck to you! Let me know your results hope to see you in Septemberí ½í¸Š!!!

Try giving Humber's Test Centre a call. The 5th person they transfer you to might just give you your results :p

One of the ladies that I spoke with told me that they were going to be sending out another round of admission letters today (February 9th) which, I assumed, meant they were going to update the info on MyHumber as well. I haven't seen any changes yet, unfortunately :( ...

Best of luck to you, too! I hope we make it!!

Did you hear back from them? My sister and I just got our offers, so make sure you check. :]

Congrats! Mine is not up yet :( I talked to ***** and she said she is going to call the test centre and call me back. I hope it's good news. Just waiting for the call

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Hey. Just got my acceptance today. So excited! Are you and your sister going to go to humber or do you have another choice?

That's great news! Congrats!! ^^ Yes, Humber was our first choice :]