Humber College/UNB BScN general questions


Hello, I was just looking to get some more information about the Humber College UNB BScN program. I know that there are other threads dealing with this subject, but they are several years old now and I wanted to make sure nothing has changed.

I've applied to both the Second Entry and four year program, but I am in a Pre-Health program so they will not make a decision on my application until the end of April. I am looking to see if anyone else has entered the program this way, and if it would still be possible to be accepted to either program this year? I don't know how many spots are available or the entry average. I've tried speaking with the college reps but the best they were able to give me was the 75% minimum and that it was highly competitive. My marks in the Pre Health program are mid-90's and I'm hoping to finish somewhere around that range.


Im currently a 2nd year nursing student at humber/unb

this post is late and I'm guessing you've been accepted but for those that are thinking about applying next year, here are my thoughts:

From my knowledge the second entry program is very competitive compared to the 4 year bachelor's.

I entered the program straight from high school, so I don't know about the application process, however my friends who tried to apply for the second entry program (with mid-80's) were declined from the second entry program but accepted into the 4 year bachelor's.

the second entry cohort is very small compared to the 4 year program (I know this because we take some courses together like patho, acute, micro and so on) which makes the program competitive.

Also you need to remember that the first semester in the second entry program is a prep semester, meaning you haven't been accepted into the nursing program unless you pass all courses with a 74%.