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:cat: Hi!

I just wanted to see if there are any other lurkers/members entering the RPN program at Humber this fall! I'm excited, but pretty nervous. If anyone's already in the program, I'd love to hear about your experience so far and any advice you may have!

Me! I am so excited to be heading back to school after staying home with my kids for 8 years. I would also love to hear form anyone who has completed the program.


I am going to Humber as well for RPN on Sept 2018. Pretty excited to attend but just feel kinda overwhelmed with the pre-placement requirements like immunizations cpr and stuff lol

Oh, I know, me too. It's a lot, plus the volunteer hours. Was Humber your first choice? I'm coming from Pre-Health at GBC, so I kind of wanted to stick with George Brown, but could start Humber sooner. Both are good programs though, from what I hear. :happy:

GBC was my first choice. But the freakin interview lol I came from Prehealth GBC as well.

Wow, really? Did you finish Pre-Health last semester? I'll be finished mid-August. Yeah the fact that they base their decision so much on the interview makes the whole thing so stressful!

Which section did you register for at Humber? Sorry, I'd PM you, but I don't have enough posts to PM yet.

I did finish just this April. Exactly, like they base solely on the interview and not ur grades like it doesnt make sense lol but anyway, im good w humber. I got Block N where u dont need to start class early. What about u?

I did the GBC RPN program, not Humber, but I'm in the RPN to RN bridge at GBC/Trent now and all of the nurses that went through the Humber Program have nothing but nice things to say about the program. I find it really impressive because I don't know a single GBC RPN grad that has a nice thing to say about the GBC program. So I think you guys are in good hands.

Hi everyone. I am also starting in September and I can't wait to get started. Were there forms that we had to sign and send back that were not about the clinical placement? I feel like there was, but now I cant seem to find them.

have anyone of u started completing the pre-placement requirements?

Actually, I got into GBC and am now going there. Haha and then I see that comment about GBC. :shrug:

As for pre-placement, I actually called after I got accepted at Humber and they told me that the only thing they recommend you start doing in advance is your volunteer hours. You don't need your pre-placement requirements until November I believe, because you start clinical in January. The girl I talked to recommended getting your police check/TB test in October, because they need to be completed close to your placement. But I would think that updating your vaccs and getting the HCP CPR/First Aid ahead of time would be fine. They actually offer that on campus. I think the same goes for Mask Fit. :up:

I don't think there were any additional forms you need to sign and send back before starting (outside of volunteer paperwork). Just make sure you register for Orientation!

Have anyone paid the $500 for the lab kit and stuff?

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